May 6, 2024

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Surge of Starving & Injured Brown Pelicans Filling Bird Rescue’s California Centers, Urgent Call For Donations

San Pedro, CA – A new surge of injured and starving Brown Pelicans arriving into care is causing real concern among wildlife specialists. Since April 20th, over 110 new pelican patients have arrived at the organization’s two California wildlife centers.

Hungry Brown Pelicans in care at Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Wildlife Center. Photo: Jeanette Bates – International Bird Rescue

The birds are having difficulty finding fish and at least 40% are arriving with significant injuries – many entangled in fishing line and hooks.

“We urgently need donations to help care for these starving birds,” said Kylie Clatterbuck, Los Angeles Wildlife Center Manager. “As a non-profit we rely on the generosity of the public to help pay for additional medicine and the extraordinary cost of fish.”

The public can donate online:

Diagnostic testing has not revealed any evidence of diseases such as bird flu that may be causing these strandings. Bird Rescue’s staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to provide the affected birds with the best care they desperately need to recover and return to the wild.

“Most birds are coming in cold, emaciated and anemic – essentially starving to death,” said Dr. Rebecca Duerr, Bird Rescue’s Director of Research & Veterinary Science. “Many of them are exhibiting severe injuries – especially from fishing hooks and line.”

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