North to Alaska!

The Alaska Wildlife Response Center (AWRC) is a 4,800 square foot center facility stands ready to help oiled wildlife. Photos: International Bird Rescue

In addition to our two year-round facilities in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area, Bird Rescue also maintains the Alaska Wildlife Response Center (AWRC) located in Anchorage, Alaska.

The AWRC stands ready to answer the need and receive oiled wildlife within hours of notification of a spill. Designed to care for all species of native Alaskan birds, as well as small terrestrial and aquatic mammals (other than sea otters), response time in the event of an emergency is cut to a minimum. The 4,800 square foot center has cleaning facilities, a critical care unit, clinical laboratory, and cages and pools in place ready to go.

International Bird Rescue not only makes the AWRC available for wildlife emergencies of any kind, but also maintains a stockpile of supplies that can be used in emergency events.

Matt Melton

Bird Rescue recently strengthened our presence in Alaska with the hire of Matt Melton, our new Alaska Regional Representative and Director of Business Development and Partnerships. Matt is a lifelong Alaskan with 23 years’ experience in emergency management, environmental services, and oil and gas industries. He will help build relationships with partners in the energy industry, continuing Bird Rescue’s legacy as a trusted leader in wildlife response and management. We are confident that Matt’s work will result in deeper relationships, better emergency preparedness, stronger mitigation of impacts on wildlife, and improved outcomes for wild birds. We welcome Matt and look forward to his contributions to our mission.