Ocean plastics: Bringing attention by “Thriller” dance

Want to show the world that plastic debris is choking our oceans? Get your zombie dancing shoes on for the October 24th Thriller dance-a-thon to bring more attention to ocean trash. In the South Bay of Los Angeles it starts at 3 PM in Rolling Hills Estates. More info

It is overwhelming to realize that so much plastic trash ended up in the ocean instead of recycle centers or landfills. The last several years, I have had opportunities to help rescue marine animals along the coast of Los Angeles. Just recently, when I saw a sea lion in LA Harbor, with gillnet cutting into neck, I just couldn’t stop thinking there must be a way to raise awareness by demonstrating this issue. What if I become a zombie who was killed by marine debris (or plastic trash)….? Yes. That’s how the whole thing started!

– Akiko Kanna Jones, Thrill The World – South Bay

Thrill the World is an annual worldwide simultaneous “Thriller” dance for charity. It’s also a tribute to Michael Jackson.