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Guaranteed Response

A retainer with International Bird Rescue provides assured wildlife response services to oil industry and government wildlife trustees on a guaranteed basis.

Oiled Wildlife Response and Management

International Bird Rescue provides a trained, experienced team of professional emergency managers, wildlife rehabilitators, biologists and veterinarians to manage each aspect of a wildlife response. Bird Rescue mixes professional responders with local resources, building pre-trained or convergent volunteers and other organizations into a wildlife team.

Contingency Planning and Consultation

International Bird Rescue provides industry and governments specialized contingency planning for oiled wildlife including personnel, facilities and equipment. Bird Rescue can assist in wildlife risk assessment, facility design, procurement of equipment stockpiles, and first responder training.

Oiled Wildlife Training

International Bird Rescue provides clients with hands-on training in the field of oiled wildlife for all levels from professionals to volunteers, creating interactive training classes specific to the client’s needs, including geographic and cultural differences, available resources and response priorities.

For more info on International Bird Rescue services, please contact Barbara Callahan, Response Services Director.