An experienced team of wildlife experts

International Bird Rescue maintains an oiled wildlife response team comprised of trained and experienced emergency managers, professional wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists and other wildlife experts.

All Bird Rescue response team members are Hazwoper certified and trained, and experienced in emergency management. Team members are mobilized as needed to oversee different aspects of the wildlife response effort. They coordinate and train local wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers used in the wildlife response.

International Bird Rescue is committed to reducing the impact of oil on wildlife by releasing the highest possible number of animals back into the wild. To do this most effectively, Bird Rescue works cooperatively with the Responsible Party (RP) and the state and federal agencies.

Standard Operating Procedures

To activate International Bird Rescue for oil spill response or an oil spill drill,

call +1 (888) 447-1743 to reach the Duty Manager.

Response Protocols

Upon activation and following consultation with the RP and wildlife trustee, International Bird Rescue will mobilize and deploy a trained response team to support the wildlife response needs in any of the following areas:

  • initial wildlife impact assessment with trustee agencies and the RP;
  • oiled wildlife facility design, set up and operation;
  • overall management of rehabilitation program;
  • coordination of local wildlife rehabilitators;
  • management of field collection of wildlife;
  • veterinary medical evaluation, triage, monitoring and treatment;
  • wildlife dietary planning, preparation, support;
  • pre-release medical/physical evaluations;
  • release and post-release studies (when applicable);
  • volunteer/work force recruitment, training, and management;
  • public affairs and media contact
  • documentation and cost tracking.

Species of wildlife that Bird Rescue will treat

International Bird Rescue will rehabilitate all bird species, terrestrial mammals, freshwater aquatic mammals and all reptiles. Marine mammals and sea otters will be rehabilitated through the appropriate rehabilitation organizations permitted and dedicated to the rehabilitation of these species. In some cases these organizations may subcontract with Bird Rescue.