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What A Year

We’ve learned a thing or two from treating Western Grebes and other waterbirds for 49 years. In addition to proper care, they require bird lovers like you to help fund their care. Thank you again for your support.

JD Bergeron

JD Bergeron thrives on inspiring people to take action by exposing them to the natural wonders all around us. JD is particularly passionate about birds as indicators of the health of nature. JD joined International Bird Rescue as its Executive Director in 2015, an opportunity which allowed him to bring together his passion and work … Read more

Celebrating 50 Years of Bird Rescue

A Groovy Year-long Wildlife Benefit 2021 is a special milestone. It marks 50 years since a massive oil spill led to the hatching of International Bird Rescue.  Join us in commemorating our anniversary as we bring together the larger Bird Rescue family for groovy gatherings, limited edition merchandise, and inspiring stories throughout 2021. We hope … Read more


June 23, 2022 Media contacts: Russ Curtis, Mobile: 415-533-1357 JD Bergeron, Mobile: 707-688-1881 100th Rescued Brown Pelican Returning To The Wild Releasing healthy birds from Pelican Crisis on Friday, June 24th Where: White Point Park, 1801 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA 90732 (Location) When: Friday, June 24, 2022 at 1 PM. San Pedro, … Read more

How Plastics Affect Birds

If you’ve ever walked the beaches after a winter storm, you can see the remnants of our “throw it away” society. Bits of plastic debris litter the shore: bottle caps, toys, cigarette lighters, fishing line and other garbage. Scientists are now documenting how this surge of plastic trash leaves a wake of death and disease … Read more

Banding Program

International Bird Rescue’s Bird Banding Programs Report: Banded birds At Bird Rescue, our main efforts focus on seabird rehabilitation and oil spill response. Tracking rescued and rehabilitated birds after release provides us with valuable information, however, effectively capturing this information can prove challenging. One non-invasive and highly effective tracking approach is to place ID markers-loose, … Read more

Birds in Focus

Specialists in treating oiled wildlife Over the past 40 years, International Bird Rescue has treated a growing number of animals, both birds and other species, during oil spills and in general rehabilitation. Below is a list of common species we treat. Laysan Albatross Primarily nocturnal feeders, Laysans will travel long distances for food. Nests on … Read more

Corporate and Community Partners

Our Partners share the ethos of taking action, creating balance with the natural world, and sharing what we’ve learned with each other and the next generation. Join us. Whatever the size of your organization or company, we’ll work with you to tailor a custom package that maximizes your gift and excites your team. By supporting … Read more