Rescued From Electrical Transmission Towers, 38 Cormorant Chicks and Eggs In Care

New life: Barely a day old, this Double-crested-Cormorant was one of 38 hatchlings and eggs rescued and brought to the San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center. Photos & video: Cheryl Reynolds – International Bird Rescue

The lives of 38 Double-crested Cormorant chicks and eggs are in good hands at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center.

The birds were rescued from electrical transmission towers in San Mateo County when their nesting area became a potential fire hazard. The eggs and hatchlings are now getting round-the-clock care by our staff and volunteers.

These cormorants are victims of human-wildlife conflict: humans have expanded into their habitats and then built structures that they find amenable for nesting. Habitat decline is one of the challenges birds face in a changing world.

Double-crested Cormorant eggs are now in an incubator at Bird Rescue.