Rest and be merry

This blog is going to take a break. After seven weeks of trying to keep things current, a hoilday break is order. Yes this olde blogger is tired.

Before I rest, I want to acknowledge all the incredible volunteers that have supported IBRRC’s efforts during the Cosco Busan oil spill and the Mystery Spill that hit Monterey Bay. Without the tireless help of a squadron of dedicated volunteers, the spill response would have been much worse. Everyday people took time off from work, changed their vacation plans and even skipped Thanksgiving to help care for the birds. As of this week, some were still helping out at IBRRC/OWCN center in Cordelia.

While the center is slowly being decommissioned from the spill, the lasting effects from the November 7th oil spill will most likely linger for years to come. Nearly 2,500 birds died and more will surely be found dead – some fear the number may reach 20,000. Many of us weeped at the shear number of animals harmed by this man made mess. But the trained rehabilitators carried on…searching for and capturing oiled birds; Washing the stick mess off the birds and then ultimately releasing the ones that made it through a delicate but stressful situation.

Many of staff of IBRRC have been involved in 100-200 spills in their lifetime and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Each spill has its own character set with the political and social constructs. Add the frailties of the human abilities and spirit and you’ve got one great “Movie of the Week”.

However, each spill is reminder that more people care about the natual environment than we often realize. They contribute time and money, question our government’s effectiveness and response and make it know that birds are as important to the world as the air we breathe. For this we’re grateful.

Have a great holiday.

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