Sea-slime Seabirds Inspire Next Generation of Philanthropists!

We are continually amazed at how the plight of seabirds inspires people to take action, particularly when that action comes from the next generation!

At the end of a very tough few weeks for International Bird Rescue Research Center‘s staff and volunteers, working around the clock to save seabirds from the Oregon algae foam, we heard from Alex Diamant, a Sacramento Resident who turned 10 years old on November 14th.

Alex’s Mom, Dea, a producer on Sacramento News Channel KCRA, had visited our wildlife center during the algae foam incident to do a news story on the rescue efforts. Inspired by this story, Alex decided to give her monthly allowance to International Bird Rescue Research Center, to help with the cost of the rescue operation of nearly 500 sea-slimed seabirds.

Not stopping there, Dea and Alex talked about the idea of visiting our seabird center with a group of friends on her 10th birthday. Alex decided that she would ask her friends to contribute to the center instead of giving her a birthday gift. After a tour with one of our staff where they got to see and learn about how we care for sick and injured seabirds, Alex presented International Bird Rescue with a check for $350!

In Dea’s words, “We sent out an email invitation to the families, inviting the girls to the party and explaining the details. There was a great response from the families. The girls had a great time and learned a lot about International Bird Rescue Research Center. They got to see a pelican get fed and given medicine. They loved seeing the birds!”

To Alex and all of her friends, thank you so much for making a difference to these seabirds! Not only does your gift help save lives but by taking action you are also an inspiration to others. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

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