Laysan Albatross

Laysan Albatross Phoebastria immutabilis Species Facts Conservation Status: Near Threatened, USFWS Bird of Conservation Concern Description:  A very large seabird with a white body, dark wings, back and tail, and a relatively long pale bill. The Laysan Albatross also has dark plumage around the eyes that resembles a classic “smokey eye” makeup look. Play Laysan … Read more

The 50th Anniversary Manifesto: Why the Laysan Albatross?

By JD Bergeron, Executive Director Did you know that there are birds alive today that hatched back in 1971? Seabirds, along with parrots, are among the longest lived birds on the planet. The Laysan Albatross, our 50th Anniversary bird, can live fifty years and more. With their impressive wingspans and powerful flight, albatrosses can cover … Read more

Albatross Mania

Lost pair of Albatrosses creates a frenzy When our rehabilitation manager, Coleen Doucette was awakened at 3 AM on March 3, 2001, little did she know what she was getting into. The call came from the Chevron refinery in Richmond. Two really big seagulls had come in on a barge and workers couldn’t shoo them … Read more

Patient of the Month: Laysan Albatross

A Laysan Albatross that arrived into care at our San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center is our patient of the month. The bird was originally found at Marina State Beach and transferred to us by our friends at Monterey Bay SPCA. On arrival, the albatross was alarmingly underweight, very anemic, weak, and dehydrated. The intake exam … Read more

Albatross Adventures: Special Evening Hosted in a Very Special Community!

Bird Rescue was thrilled to host a special public evening event on March 28, 2019, in Berkeley, CA –the birthplace of our first wildlife center back the 1970s. Our Executive Director, JD Bergeron, shared a lively and inspiring presentation “Albatross Adventures: Finding Wisdom on Midway Atoll” about his experience as one of 18 individuals conducting … Read more

The Amazing Albatross!

Editor’s Note: This piece was prepared by our long-time volunteer, Joanna Chin. Photos were provided by her husband, Byron Chin.    Have you ever seen an albatross? Unless you’ve spent a lot of time at sea or have gone out specifically looking for them, you probably have not. Albatrosses are remarkable birds that spend the … Read more

Bird of the Month: Albatross

This month, we feature the amazing albatross group of seabirds (Family Diomedeidae). These impressive birds are well-known for their impressive wingspan, lifespan, and for their ability to travel great distances over the oceans. According to National Geographic, these long-lived birds (50+ years) breed in large colonies on remote islands, which is the only time that … Read more

The Release Files: Two Laysan Albatross Back To The Wild!

Two Laysan Albatross, rare birds indeed for Southern California, are back in the wild this week after a successful release Thursday afternoon. “Usually, we see one a year, but to have two at the same time is pretty incredible,” said Julie Skoglund, Operations Manager at International Bird Rescue (IBR), quoted in a Daily Breeze newspaper … Read more