Two Rare Albatross Ready For Release After Unusual SoCal Landings

Two Laysan Albatross, rare seabirds for Southern California that were rescued separately in the Los Angeles area, will be released together this week. They were each rehabilitated at International Bird Rescue’s San Pedro center. One Albatross was rescued on March 21st after being found trapped between two containers aboard a cargo ship headed to the … Read more

New patient: Wayward Laysan Albatross

This week we received a new patient of note: a wayward Laysan Albatross. This wide ranging bird was found in the 100 block of Mt. View Avenue, Bay Point, CA – near Suisun Bay. It was sitting on the ground and brought to Lindsay Wildlife Museum’s wildlife rehabilitation center in Walnut Creek. During the intake … Read more

A Laysan Albatross returns to sea

This Laysan Albatross was recently evaluated and released by International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles wildlife care center team. Photos by Paul Berry. “Big birds in big oceans, albatrosses lead big, sprawling lives across space and time, traveling to the limits of seemingly limitless seas,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Safina wrote in the 2002 classic Eye of … Read more

Birds of 2012: A Laysan Albatross Returns Home (May)

As 2012 draws to a close, we’re looking back on some of International Bird Rescue’s most fascinating case studies of the year. Today, we re–visit the story of this wayward Laysan Albatross from May. A stowaway albatross on its second return to the ocean Earlier this year, we told you about a Laysan Albatross that … Read more

Albatross: Looking for Land in All the Wrong Places

Earlier this year we told you about a Laysan Albatross that came into the Port of Los Angeles on a ship as a “stowaway” – as they sometimes do – mistaking the vessel as a nesting island. That Albatross was examined, found to be healthy, and with the help of a lifeguard boat, promptly released … Read more

Rare Albatross Set For Release by International Bird Rescue

On Tuesday, January 31, International Bird Rescue’s Wildlife Center in Los Angeles will release a majestic Laysan Albatross back to its ocean home. The question remains: How did an exotic bird that thrives in North Pacific waters from Hawaii to Alaska arrive in California? Even more perplexing: How did this giant seabird, with a 6 … Read more

Throwing a lifeline to the threatened Albatross

The latest effort to help save the threatened Albatross species is finally getting a boost from the United States. President George Bush recently agreed to bring The Agreement for the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) to the US Senate for approval. ACAP is an international treaty protecting seabirds. “Its provisions advance the U.S. goals … Read more

Albatross Mania

Lost pair of Albatrosses creates a frenzy When our rehabilitation manager, Coleen Doucette was awakened at 3AM on March 3, 2001, little did she know what she was getting into. The call came from the Chevron refinery in Richmond. Two really big seagulls had come in on a barge and workers couldn’t shoo them off … Read more