The week in bird news, May 30

• The U.S. Corps of Engineers will recommend a $1 billion (that’s with a B) plan to restore the Los Angeles River, a vital waterway of the L.A. basin that’s been largely entombed in concrete for decades. The multifaceted plan would “restore habitat, widen the river, create wetlands and provide access points and bike trails … Read more

The week in bird news, May 2

Tristan Albatross, photo by JJ Harrison via Wikimedia Commons • A simple ruse is doing wonders to save albatrosses from becoming entangled in deep-sea trawling nets and drowning. The Cape Times in South Africa reports: The solution was simple: a 30m rope is tied to the back of the trawler and about five to 10 … Read more

The week in bird news, March 28

A victim of the Galveston Bay oil spill, photo by Chase A. Fountain, © Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. • Clean-up and wildlife rescue efforts continue following the collision of two barges on March 22 that caused an estimated 170,000 gallons to spill into Galveston Bay, Texas. The National Audubon Society in a statement reported … Read more

The week in bird news, March 14

Short-tailed Albatross, photo via Wikimedia Commons/USFWS • Sometimes it just takes a simple solution and an ounce of dedication. Though albatrosses face a barrage of threats to their existence, streamers made of plastic tubing are being employed on fishing lines to successfully deter species such as the vulnerable Short-tailed Albatross from becoming victims of longline … Read more

Fulmars at the San Francisco Bay center

Close-up of the Northern Fulmar’s distinctive tubenose, photo by Cheryl Reynolds. This month, the most abundant species in our care is the Northern Fulmar. Our San Francisco Bay center is currently caring for 17 of these birds. Though this species is normally far out at sea, these birds were found unable to fly along the … Read more

Patients of the week: Northern Fulmars

Photo by Isabel Luevano Our patients of the week are six Northern Fulmars currently in care at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center — five of which you can see in the photo above, recuperating in an outdoor pool. These fulmars have been received in the past week from San Francisco, Santa Cruz and … Read more

The week in bird news, December 13

• Wisdom, a Laysan Albatross who holds the title of world’s oldest banded bird, was recently spotted with her life mate readying their nest on Midway Atoll in the Hawaiian Islands. Via U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Laysan albatrosses mate for life and Wisdom has raised between 30 to 35 chicks since being banded in … Read more

This season, let them soar!

Dear friend, A few years ago, International Bird Rescue adopted the tagline “Every Bird Matters” because we wanted to show the world in simple terms what we’re all about. Whether it’s an oiled penguin in South America or an orphaned baby heron found in a Los Angeles storm drain, we care for one bird at … Read more

The week in bird news, November 15

Laysan Albatross, photo by Paul Berry at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center, January 2013 • Scientists studying albatrosses find that these magnificent seabirds have incredibly sophisticated flight patterns, which harness wind energy to propel them far more efficiently than their 11-foot wingspan could muster through flapping. Via National Geographic: A team of scientists from … Read more

News round-up, August 16

Photo by Zak Noyle • Surf’s up … and so might be your lunch, after viewing what may be one of the most depressingly iconic photos so far this year. Photographer Zak Noyle shot this image of Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya in a once pristine bay located on the island of Java, home to 138 … Read more