Bird Rescue News Round-Up, July 27

In this week’s round-up: Starving California Brown Pelicans showing up inland as they hunt for food, Black-browed Albatrosses on the rebound in the Falklands, and the anti-aging mysteries of Brünnich’s Guillemots. [Black-browed Albatross photo by W. Ryan Holliday] —California Brown Pelicans venture inland in what appears to be an unprecedented occurrence — and International Bird … Read more

The Perils of Plastics: Two New Perspectives on Seabirds and Marine Pollution

It’s a sight that one perhaps wishes to have never seen, and certainly never forgets: the carcass of a Laysan Albatross, its stomach filled with disposable lighters, chocolate wrappers, water bottle caps and other plastic debris amassed throughout the world’s oceans. “I had to laugh out loud to keep from crying,” Victoria Sloan Jordan, an … Read more

Bird Rescue News Round-Up, July 9

In this week’s round-up: sobering factoids on the Pacific Plastic Gyre, American White Pelicans on the rebound in North Dakota, Magellanic Penguins turn up on Ipanema Beach, and Congress passes a bill to help restore the Gulf, two years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster: —The volume of plastic debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre … Read more

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I am one of the few people who have been fortunate enough to visit Midway Atoll in the northern part of the Hawaiian Archipegelo; in fact, I’ve made it there twice! Midway is famous as a nesting site for millions of pelagic seabirds such as Laysan and Black-footed Albatrosses, Bonnin’s Petrels, endangered Laysan Ducks and … Read more

Exotic Stowaway Bird Flying Home, from LAX

An exotic seabird that arrived in Los Angeles as a stowaway aboard a ship from Korea is taking an unusual flight home to Hawaii this week having been rehabilitated at International Bird Rescue’s Wildlife Center in Los Angeles. The Red-Tailed Tropicbird, a solitary plunge-feeding seabird which rarely fishes within sight of land and nests on … Read more

Catastrophic South Atlantic Oil Spill Threatens Endangered Rockhopper Penguins

Hello everyone, There has been a catastrophic oil spill on a remote island in the mid-South Atlantic Ocean that is threatening an entire colony of endangered Northern Rockhopper Penguins. The MS Oliva ran aground on Nightingale Island, one of three islands of the Tristan da Cunha group, on March 16, 2011. All 22 crew were … Read more

Beach trash stars in “Catch of the Day” ads

Garbage at the beach may be as common as salt in the ocean, but a recent public service campaign adds a disturbing and humorous twist. A “Catch of the Day” campaign by the Surfrider Foundation uses beach trash wrapped like supermarket fish items to educate people on the amount and kinds of pollution dumped into … Read more

New 100-ft pelican aviary at SF Bay Center

Recuperating pelicans in Northern California now have a better place to stretch their wings after the construction of a new 100-foot flight aviary at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center located in Fairfield. In 2007, thanks to a generous grant from the Green Foundation and funding from the California Department of Fish and Game, … Read more