Second 10,000 birds report on IBRRC’s efforts

Another nice post on the 10,000 birds blog site about our release of seven hand-raised Double-crested Cormorants. The report captures the mood and dedication of staff and volunteers at the Fairfield, CA center.

Removed from nests which were slated to be destroyed as the unfortunate parents had chosen utility poles to build on, staff at the Center had hatched the eggs, looked after the chicks, watched them grow until they were large enough to be placed in a 100 ft aviary with its own private swimming pool, and were now ready – today – to take them down to the ocean for release…

‘The release of healthy birds back into the wild where they belong’. It’s a simple-enough sounding concept, but the chain of events leading up to a release are complex, expensive, and require people to get involved. Think about it. Oiled, injured, or unhealthy birds first need to be found. There then needs to be somewhere to take them, experts to look after them, and volunteers and funding to support those experts. Modes of transport need to be available, and there needs to be drivers willing to use them. There needs to be organization, best practices, people willing to learn, to get dirty, to put aside value judgments on whether one bird is worth more than another. It takes people to really care. And finding people who care is not simple at all.

Thanks to Charlie Moores for the excellent reporting and photography.

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  1. Hi, I just noticed that you put "When Pigs Fly" as a blog you follow. I started this to test out an idea — do you think it's worth continuing? I appreciate your feedback.

  2. Ninette I think it's great and I urge you to continue your blog. I loved the post "Who Said Kids Don't Write for Fun?" It made me think how kids can use computer for constructive work.

    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks, webcoot. I started posting regularly … hope you continue to find something of interest and thank you for all the work you do at your center.

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