Meet The Staff: Kadi Erickson

Our newest team member, Kadi Erickson, enjoys scuba diving in her free time.
Kadi Erickson

Join us in welcoming our wonderful new Wildlife Rehabilitation Technician, Kadi Erickson! She joined Bird Rescue during the Elegant Tern rescue operation and her support was (and continues to be) essential to rehabilitation success.

Her favorite bird is the Black Skimmer. They hang around the California Least Tern Site where she monitors and occasionally nest alongside them. She says, “They sound like squeaky toys, their asymmetrical bills are so cool, the way they feed is pretty unique in the bird world, they sleep laying flat on the ground, and they bob up and down in flight. They are adorable, goofy, and majestic!” We couldn’t agree more.

Outside of work, Kadi is an automotive enthusiast. She hosts a monthly Sunday morning cars and coffee event in Long Beach and tends to cars at her partner’s mechanic shop as well when she’s not tending to birds. She also enjoys scuba diving in her free time.

With a BS in Biology (Organismal Biology to be specific) and a wide array of wildlife care experience, Kadi brings well-rounded expertise to the team. Some of her bird experience includes three years of California Least Tern monitoring and banding in the Port of Los Angeles. Here, her interest in local coastal bird species grew so much it compelled her to take an ornithology course while in school.

In 2018, she began her journey in wildlife rehabilitation working at Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center (WWCC) in Huntington Beach. Working at WWCC gave her a variety of experiences working with both birds and mammals, but she enjoyed bird care most. Next, she trained at the Oiled Wildlife Care Network to become a basic responder for aquatic and marine birds.

When the opportunity to join the team at Bird Rescue came up, she didn’t hesitate, and jumped right into helping us with the Long Beach Tern Incident in July. She loves getting to work with new species and the Bird Rescue team. She has more confidence than ever in her abilities thanks to the support of her colleagues!

Black Skimmer