Company admits 1,600 ducks died in oily waste

A Canadian company is under fire this week for under-reporting duck deaths at an oil sands plant in northern Alberta. A Syncrude executive admitted 1,606 duck carcasses were collected from the toxic oily waters – three times more than was reported following the incident last year. The ponds contain waste from the process of separating … Read more

Ubiquitous Canada Geese tangle with NY jet

The amazing story of US Airways Flight 1549 crew that helped safely land its jet into a New York river last month is over-shadowing the continuing danger that birds and planes face everyday: Collision. Most large aircraft can handle up to a 4 pound bird being sucked through its jet engines. But the ever present … Read more

Community effort saves wild goose in Los Angeles

A young female Canada goose will be released today that was found injured with monofilament fishing line wrapped tightly around her leg – yet another casualty of careless fishing activity. Her rescuer, Tony Taylor, had watched the goose over a number of weeks until finally, he and Officer Greg Randall from Los Angeles City Animal … Read more