Deadly sea foam subsides, 10,000 seabirds die

The Oregonian newspaper out of Portland, has a terrific and sad piece about the Sea Slime ’09 event that hit seabirds in the Pacific Northwest late last month. The story is titled:“Deadly ocean foam subsides, but more than 10,000 seabirds die”: The deadly foam that clobbered seabirds in the Pacific Northwest has subsided and several … Read more

Deadly spill in Brazil: 260 Magellanic Penguins in care

A new oil spill along the coast of Brazil has claimed the lives of hundreds of Magellanic Penguins. All seem to be victims of a spill from an unidentified source. Most of the penguins found dead were in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. At least 260 live penguins are now in care. The … Read more

The top ten of sadness: Oiled bird species list

Species most often found covered in oil(In order of impact)1. Surf scoter2. Western grebe3. Eared grebe4. Greater scaup5. Horned grebe6. Ruddy duck7. Common murre8. Common loon9. Lesser scaup10. Clark’s grebe Dead oiled birds(In order of impact)1. Surf scoter2. Western grebe3. Common murre4. Western or Clark’s grebe*5. Brandt’s cormorant6. Greater scaup7. Eared grebe8. Double-crested cormorant9. Northern … Read more