New stories: Brown pelicans turning up sick

The Contra Costa Times video perfectly captured the sounds, words and deeds of our staff and volunteers working with impacted brown pelicans. This report is from Fairfield and similar stories could be told from the Southern California bird center: The voice over is from Michelle Bellizzi, our dedicated Rehabilitation Manager in Fairfield, CA. Read the … Read more

What’s causing fatigued pelicans to drop from sky?

The ongoing discovery of scores of fatigued and disoriented California Brown Pelicans is causing concern among biologists and bird lovers, but yielding few concrete answers to what’s causing their condition. Since late in December, the giant seabirds have been found in frail condition along highways and backyards, miles from their coastal homes. At both IBRRC … Read more

Oiled birds everywhere in SF Bay

Read Jane Kay’s excellent article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle Nearly 1.6 million shorebirds and waterfowl come to San Francisco Bay each year, most staying for the winter, some stopping on their way south. Wildlife experts fear that oil washing onto sandy beaches and wetlands threatens bird’s survival. See map What worries experts most is … Read more