Taking Action at the Great Salt Lake

Conservation Action Program (CAP) holds corporate cleanup at the Great Salt Lake with Maggie Sottero and Friends of Great Salt Lake. Photos: Maggie Sottero Designs

Bird Rescue partners with Maggie Sottero Designs and Friends of Great Salt Lake for Conservation Action Program habitat cleanup.

Bird Rescue held our first Conservation Action Program corporate partnership event at the Great Salt Lake in Utah with the team from Maggie Sottero Designs and representatives from Friends of Great Salt Lake. Together we set out to learn more about the unique ecosystem of the Great Salt Lake and the threats that it is facing today and then take action to leave the habitat better than we found it with a trash cleanup.

The Great Salt Lake is an important habitat for a wide array of wildlife, including over 300 species of birds. It provides a critical stopover point for millions of migrating birds including American White Pelicans, Snowy Plovers, and Eared Grebes, allowing them to rest, nest, or refuel on their annual journeys.

Over 30 participants of the Conservation Action Program (CAP) corporate cleanup at the Great Salt Lake successfully collected 243 pounds of trash.

On May 25, over 30 members of the Maggie Sottero team and representatives from Bird Rescue and Friends of the Great Salt Lake spanned out over a portion of the lake shoreline to clean up trash while also keeping a watchful eye out for birds utilizing the habitat. We gathered back together to tally the weight of the trash bags: a grand total of 243 pounds! Birds sighted during the cleanup include California Gulls (the state bird of Utah), a variety of swallows, and some vocal Killdeer.

“The health of the Great Salt Lake is vital to the global ecosystem and the home of Maggie and the Maggie family. Working to make it healthier is a necessary part of our community support!” said Christina Blanchette, Maggie Sottero Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The Conservation Action Program is meant to encourage people everywhere to get out in their local habitats and take action in ways that will help make them safer and cleaner for wildlife and ourselves. Through this event, we have helped our community gain a deeper appreciation for an often misunderstood ecosystem and done our part to protect it.

If you would like to learn more about this program and get involved, visit our Conservation Action Program page or reach out to us at conservation@birdrescue.org.