Alex Domeyko

Al oversees Bird Rescue’s strategic fundraising efforts, including seasonal campaigns, events, and corporate and foundational partnerships. He has more than a decade of non-profit experience inspiring constituents to care for nature and wildlife, and is honored to work alongside so many incredible benefactors to Bird Rescue’s mission. He comes to Bird Rescue from the world … Read more

Erika Taylor

Erika comes to Bird Rescue with 30 years of nonprofit finance and administration experience holding leadership positions in land trusts and other environmental nonprofit organizations. She has an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University and a Bachelors in Natural Resource Management from Cornell University. With her passion for the environment combined with finance and … Read more

Rebecca Duerr, DVM MPVM PhD

Dr. Rebecca Duerr is the clinical veterinarian and research director at International BirdRescue’s two wildlife clinics in California. She completed her DVM, MPVM, and PhD degrees at UC Davis, with graduate work on the care of oiled Common Murres and on the nutritional energetics and physiology of Common Murres and Western Grebes. She co-edited the … Read more

Russ Curtis

Russ manages the organization’s technology systems and oversees communications. He started as a volunteer back in 1997 when he stepped up to solve some IT issues at the old bird center in Berkeley, CA. After a new modern facility was opened in Fairfield in the early 2000s, he was instrumental in launching the organization’s first … Read more

Michelle Bellizzi

Michelle is a seasoned wildlife rehabilitation expert with over 15 years​ of​ experience responding to more than 25 oil spills around the world, while also simultaneously managing ​​the San Francisco Bay Rehabilitation Program. Her response work transported her to both national and international locations, including remote areas such as Unalaska, Alaska and Chubut, Argentina. Additionally, Michelle has … Read more

Barbara Callahan

Barbara is an internationally-experienced and recognized emergency response and management professional who received her B.S. in Biological Science from the University of Alaska. She has worked in oiled wildlife response, response management, and rehabilitation of aquatic animals over the course of 20 years and is certified in Federal Emergency Management. Barbara has been Response Services Director at Bird Rescue … Read more

JD Bergeron

JD Bergeron thrives on inspiring people to take action by exposing them to the natural wonders all around us. JD is particularly passionate about birds as indicators of the health of nature. JD joined International Bird Rescue as its Executive Director in 2015, an opportunity which allowed him to bring together his passion and work … Read more