Alex Domeyko

Al oversees Bird Rescue’s strategic fundraising efforts, including seasonal campaigns, events, and corporate and foundational partnerships. He has more than a decade of non-profit experience inspiring constituents to care for nature and wildlife, and is honored to work alongside so many incredible benefactors to Bird Rescue’s mission. He comes to Bird Rescue from the world … Read more

Erika Taylor

Erika comes to Bird Rescue with 30 years of nonprofit finance and administration experience holding leadership positions in land trusts and other environmental nonprofit organizations. She has an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University and a Bachelors in Natural Resource Management from Cornell University. With her passion for the environment combined with finance and … Read more

Matthew Melton

Matt joined International Bird Rescue in June of 2021 after 14 months of COVID-19 Response work with the Anchorage Office of Emergency Management. A lifelong Alaskan with 23 years’ experience in emergency management, oil spill response, environmental services, and oil & gas industries, Matt brings executive experience from both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Matt … Read more