Thank you for supporting The Pelican Aviary Project!


Update: Additional thanks to donor Anita Johanson Maddox! And: We are also very fortunate to have the support of small business and corporate donors for this project. Thank you to the team at National Payday for your donation.

The Pelican Aviary Project, our first foray into online crowdfunding, was a success in more ways than one. To name a few:

—We reached our $15,000 target goal to help pay for major renovations to the pelican aviary at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center.

—We’ve raised well over $1,000 for the “Fill the Bill” campaign to secure funding for fish and other necessities for pelicans treated at the center. Come summer, we could see hundreds of pelicans, if the trend of previous years continues.

—We’ve connected with wildlife lovers of all ages from 15 states and six countries!

In the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated on our progress with the aviary. Thank you!

Team International Bird Rescue

P.S. — If you made a donation to the campaign using the anonymous option but would like your name posted to this list, just email us and we’ll be happy to add it to the contributor roster.