THANK YOU for your support!

Red-throated Loon in care at International Bird Rescue. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds

Dear friend,

As 2012 draws to a close, we are so thankful for all the support from our donors. You sustain our mission, which has always been, and will always be, to help aquatic birds in need — one animal at a time. We couldn’t do our work without you, and for that we are truly grateful this holiday season.

In the New Year, your gift will help us to:

Care for injured birds 365 days a year. These days, there is no “slow season” for International Bird Rescue’s wildlife care centers. Our devoted staff is inundated with multiple challenges each month, from large influxes of starving Brown Pelicans, to loons oiled by spills or grounded by fierce storms, to rare injuries suffered by some of the world’s most beautiful birds — including this tiny Western Screech Owl, who earlier this year had flown into insulation foam as workers were insulating an attic in California’s Santa Clara County.

Give orphaned birds a chance. Each spring, our incubators become orphanages, as we receive hundreds of chicks brought to us by the public. Mallard ducklings, Western Gull chicks, even young Killdeer and Common Murres are given world-class care  and a second chance. Stay tuned for videos of the coming oprhaned bird season, (for now, here’s an irresistible video from this year of puppet-feeding an adorable Black-crowned Night Heron).

Brown Pelican release this Fall 2012. Photo by Bryon Chin

Study survival rates, post-rehabilitation. With our Blue-Banded Pelican program, we keep track of the birds we’ve cared for and released back to nature. And we welcome your participation! If you see a Brown Pelican with a blue leg band, you can report your sighting on our website. The more data on these birds, the better!

And we are always committed to showing you how your donations help International Bird Rescue’s mission from every angle. There’s a lot in store for 2013. Here are just some of the ways you can find out more about our work:

-Visit our blog — for beautiful photography, for video of bird releases that never fail to inspire, and for important news updates on aquatic bird conservation. It’s a great way to get in touch with wildlife — even if it’s at your office desk.

-Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Over 24,000 bird lovers can’t be wrong; join us!

-Crazy for Pinterest? We’ve been busy pinning away on our new page— it’s one of our favorite ways to share with you photos of International Bird Rescue’s precious patients.

Warmest wishes this holiday season,

Andrew Harmon
Board of Directors

P.S. Looking for a last-minute gift? With our honorary bird adoption program, we can send a PDF adoption certificate, personalized with your gift recipient’s name. It looks great on the iPhone, iPad and other personal devices! Find out more about your tax-deductible gift here.

“Beneath the daily overburden, our truer nature is this wandering spirit on expansive wings, hungering for a chance to search new horizons, to hurtle along with the wind, taking chances, taking the world as it comes, making tracks that will endure only in our memory, forming our personal map of life and time.” —Carl Safina, Eye of the Albatross