The Aviary July 2021: 50 Years of Bird Releases

Dear friend and supporter,

Throughout this year, International Bird Rescue is celebrating our 50th Anniversary. What began back in 1971 as a response to an oil spill crisis has grown to be a vibrant organization with robust programs in emergency preparedness, veterinary care, research, education, outreach, and training. Bird Rescue is a team of innovators, constantly seeking new solutions to the challenges faced by wild waterbirds today.

JD Bergeron helping release birds.

When I reflect on Bird Rescue’s half century of service to wild birds, I think about the countless bird releases that have happened through the years and how that affects populations today. This year alone, nearly 4,000 birds will be cared for and returned to the wild from our wildlife rehabilitation centers. The impact of this work, multiplied over 50 years, has been immense – more than 125,000 birds returned to health, and released to the wild to live, reproduce, and populate generations that follow them.

There are few things more gratifying than seeing a bird that came into one of our wildlife rehabilitation centers weak and injured, take flight on wings that are strong, clean, and healthy. Every release is a truly inspirational moment to witness.

I want to assure you, it is your support and partnership that makes each of these wonderful moments happen. The wild birds in our care don’t have owners or insurance plans to pay for their veterinary care. Instead, they are the responsibility of all of us. By helping to provide the hands-on care they need, you are ensuring that thousands of wild birds each year get a second chance at life.

As we celebrate our landmark anniversary, we are also celebrating you! Without you, this work simply could not continue. I am humbled by the outpouring of support during our 50th year. Thank you to each and every one of you who supports Bird Rescue’s mission in big and small ways. Our donors and partners made it possible for us to grow and thrive over the past half century. With your continued support, we will keep giving second chances to waterbirds in a changing world for the next 50 years.

With gratitude,

JD Bergeron
CEO, International Bird Rescue

P.S.–This summer we are launching our newly imagined quarterly Aviary newsletter. we hope you enjoy reading bird care stories, get to know our team members, meet generous donors, and stay up to date on upcoming Bird Rescue events. Download the PDF