The Pelican Aviary Project: We’re more than halfway there!

Dear friend,

A week ago, we launched our first-ever online crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. Our mission? To rebuild International Bird Rescue’s pelican aviary at our San Francisco Bay wildlife care center.

We knew this was a crucial project — but we didn’t know just how many of you knew how worthy the goal was well! From $5 shout-outs to $1,000 gifts, more than 100 bird lovers have stepped forward to bring us past the halfway mark of this $15,000 campaign in just 7 days.

Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate each and every one of our supporters on this campaign.

If you haven’t checked out the campaign yet, please do — you can find it here. The video itself is worth a visit!

And if you’ve already joined our project and want to help out more, please consider sending the campaign link to all your fellow wildlife-minded friends. You can also post to your Facebook or tweet it out to the world.


With deepest gratitude,

Team International Bird Rescue