The Release Files: Masked Booby

Photo Masked Booby and Red-Footed Booby at International Bird Rescue
Masked Booby, left, stretches its wings before being released – a Red-footed Booby waits its turn. Photos by Bill Steinkamp

The wayward Masked Booby is back in the wild. It was released at White Point in San Pedro after about a week in care. The Booby was originally found in Newport, Oregon and then flown from Portland to Los Angeles after wildlife officials contacted our Southern California center.

Masked Boobies are tropical birds and its very unusual to see this species in Southern California let alone along the Oregon coast. Read earlier post: We Love Boobies!

Photos by Bill Steinkamp

Photo Masked Booby exam at International Bird Rescue

Photo Masked Booby release

Photo of Masked Booby release at White Point, San Pedro by International Bird Rescue