New Children’s Book By Jenna Bush Hager And Dawn To Inspire The Next Generation

Image of digital children’s book by Jenna Bush Hager and Dawn called The Wonderful World of Blue

Download digital book: The Wonderful World of Blue: (PDF)

A new free, digital children’s book called The Wonderful World of Blue aimed at connecting kids to nature, is now available as a free download. The book, co-authored by Jenna Bush Hager, has been released by Dawn Dish Soap in collaboration with International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center.

This educational e-book is designed to inspire and engage a younger generation of wildlife heroes who will make caring for the environment and wildlife a priority in the years to come. Along with an engaging creative story, the book features wildlife literacy guidance on topics which make a difference, like giving wildlife space, not giving them human food, and fishing line and hook injuries, which is the number one cause of injury for Bird Rescue patients every year.

Co-author Jenna Bush Hager is co-host of NBC’s TODAY Show and is a big supporter of books. Her popular monthly book club encourages reading:

The Wonderful World of Blue takes readers on an imaginative journey with a family at home, traveling through different ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Throughout the adventure, the family encounters a variety of real-world situations, inspiring the children to better understand the world they share with wildlife, identify valuable tips, and become active wildlife heroes committed to creating positive environmental change. The book also offers a discussion guide with useful tips to remind families that big changes start with small steps at home.

The Wonderful World of Blue can be enjoyed as an animated video story, with narration by Jenna Bush Hager, or as a downloadable PDF or audio book to provide education and entertainment on-the-go. Download the full package of files (200 MB zip file)

Building on over 40 years of partnership with Dawn Dish Soap to help clean and care for oiled wildlife, Bird Rescue and Dawn share a common goal to innovate, raise awareness, and protect the natural world and wildlife.