This season, let them soar!


Dear friend,

A few years ago, International Bird Rescue adopted the tagline “Every Bird Matters” because we wanted to show the world in simple terms what we’re Year-End Giftall about. Whether it’s an oiled penguin in South America or an orphaned baby heron found in a Los Angeles storm drain, we care for one bird at a time. When they’re hurt by human activity—oil spills, road traffic, acts of cruelty—we accept our duty to give them the expert and compassionate care they deserve.

And it’s you who makes this work possible. At our California wildlife hospitals alone, International Bird Rescue treats over 5,000 annual patients. Some of these seabirds, such as Northern Fulmars and Laysan Albatrosses, have become important indicators of oceanic health, aiding critical research on climate change and marine pollution. But whether it’s an albatross or a duckling, every bird we care for has intrinsic value and is treated with utmost reverence and respect.

I’ve devoted my life to this mission, and I’ve never before seen a greater need for wildlife rehabilitation experts in the world. Your gift to International Bird Rescue ensures that professional care, medical supplies, food and other necessities are available for any environmental crisis. Please give today.

PloverChickThis year, International Bird Rescue has been called upon in Alaska, Canada and other locations, bringing our 42 years of field knowledge to oiled wildlife emergencies. We’ve released over 1,000 Brown Pelicans in our Blue-Banded Pelican Program that tracks the post-rehabilitation survival of this iconic species, once driven to the brink of extinction. Our team has even successfully cared for an injured Blue-footed Booby, found this September wandering in an urban area miles from shore (and hundreds of miles from its normal range). We have you to thank for all of these accomplishments, big and small.   

Have you ever seen an injured wild animal? Did you want to help? When you give generously to International Bird Rescue, you do just that. Together, we can give these magnificent birds a second chance.

It’s hard work. But Every Bird Matters, indeed.

Best wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Jay Holcomb-Signature

Jay Holcomb
Executive Director

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