Tuesday Stats: Birds at Our San Francisco Bay Area Center

At last count, there were 66 birds in care at our Bay Area wildlife care center, including:

Bird count at International Bird Rescue’s Bay Area center as of Monday:

29 Brown Pelicans
17 Western Grebes
4 Western Gulls
3 Canada Geese
2 Northern Fulmars
2 California Gulls
2 Hybrid Ducks
1 Belted Kingfisher
1 Mallard Duck
1 Ruddy Duck
1 Common Murre
1 Sooty Shearwater
1 Mute Swan
1 Brandt’s Cormorant

It costs about $110 a day to provide the fish needed to feed these birds.

Will you help us FILL THE BILL? Donate and support these animals in need today!

Pelican watercolor by David Scheirer, Studio Tuesday.

Western Grebe photo (center) by Bill Steinkamp.