What A Year

Photo of Western Grebe with chicks at Lake Hodges in San Diego County by KS Nature Photography
Western Grebe with chicks hitching a ride at Lake Hodges San Diego County. Photos by Krisztina Scheeff of KS Nature Photography

Dear Bird Lover:

Photo of Western Grebes at Lake Hodges in San Diego County by KS Nature Photography
Western Grebes

What a year 2020 has been…

Before the pandemic, the Western Grebe was chosen as our Bird of the Year. It’s a cool bird, showing distinctive resilience and high style. Virtually every minute of a grebe’s life is spent in or on water. Wild grebes embody flexibility and adaptability in a fluid world. Something we can all learn from this year going forward!

We’ve learned a thing or two from treating grebes and other waterbirds for 49 years. In addition to proper care, they require bird lovers like you to help fund their care. With the public’s help, since 1971 International Bird Rescue has treated over 125,000 aquatic birds.

Our bird patients represent more than 130 species, including beloved icons like the Brown Pelican, a colorful spectrum of Ducks, dramatic waders like Herons and Egrets, rare species like endangered Least Terns and threatened Snowy Plovers, and even an occasional oceanic wanderer, the Albatross.

As we look forward to 2021 and our 50th year, I would like to thank you again for your support. Your continued generosity funds the healing of waterbirds, each and every day. Your contribution saves lives.

If you can help with an end of year milestone gift now, we can continue to heal so many wild birds whose lives depend on us.

In gratitude,



JD Bergeron
Executive Director
International Bird Rescue

PS – Thank you to Krisztina Scheeff of KS Nature Photography for providing the beautiful images of Western Grebes in the wild.