24-hour match: Your gift feeds twice as many baby birds today!


Dear Friend,

Encountering a baby bird in the care of International Bird Rescue’s wildlife centers is a bittersweet experience: Here’s a beautiful new life, but one that now must survive without its parents.

These animals always inspire us, and we often hear how they inspire you too. “I read about what you are doing and it just touches my heart,” a woman named Julie recently wrote to us. “I’m on social security, I don’t have a leg, and they just raised my rent. Maybe things will get better. You never know.”

Despite her hard times, Julie found it in her heart to send what she could — a small amount that speaks volumes about her support for wildlife. We were bowled over by her spirit of generosity.

Thanks to an angel donor, Julie’s gift will be doubled today, as well as your gift to save orphaned and other wild birds. Your support during this critical time is most appreciated.

If you’ve already given this year, thank you so very much. In just a few months, these precious young birds will arrive at our doorstep — by the hundreds. They come to us for any numberKilldeer, chick IMG_5128 copy-M of reasons. Mother ducks get hit by a car or separated by busy roadways. Fledging egrets fall from nests in trees high above traffic medians. Whatever the species, we treat all these baby birds with the expert care and reverence they deserve. Will you help these animals today?

We’re proud to say that we give countless orphaned birds a second chance with food and medical care. We minimize human interaction and place the birds with surrogate parents or other orphans of the same species to ensure the best possible chance for successful reintroduction into nature — always our bottom-line goal.

Every orphaned bird has a story. With your help, we can give that story the happy ending it deserves.

Best wishes this holiday season,

Jay Holcomb-Signature

Jay Holcomb
Executive Director

P.S. – Prefer to give over the phone? Call us at 510-289-1472 and we’ll handle your gift right away.

International Bird Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Tax ID: 94-1739027