Caring for Birds 365 Days a Year

Photo Baby bird chick in care at International Bird RescueInternational Bird Rescue (Bird Rescue) is a leader in oiled bird rescue, and our highly trained staff have responded to more than 200 oil spills around the country and the world. But we also care for injured, oiled or orphaned wild birds year-round at our Los Angeles center, located in San Pedro, and San Francisco Bay center, located on the edge of the Suisun Marsh in Cordelia.

Working with a variety of birds every day enables Bird Rescue staff to continue growing our skills and improving rehabilitation protocols so we are ready to respond when a crisis like the Exxon Valdez or Gulf oil spill occurs. Our bird rescue centers are integral parts of California’s Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN), and we also maintain the Alaska Wildlife Response Center (AWRC) located in Anchorage. For the latest news from our bird rescue centers, please visit our Every Bird Matters blog.