Dish Soap and Diplomacy is the Key During Peru Spill Response

It’s been nearly three months since a 500,000 gallon oil spill coated beaches and wildlife along the coast of Peru. In those months International Bird Rescue has done what it knows best: Providing seasoned personnel with years of experience to South America to assist with the rescue and rehabilitation of oiled wildlife.

In The Time Of COVID-19: Alaska Oil Spill Response

Sunday, April 12th was just like any other “normal” day adjusting to our new “normal” of “flattening the curve” during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the preceding weeks, states on the west coast of the United States had instituted #StayHome policies to slow the transmission of the deadly novel virus spreading across the globe since late … Read more

2018 –Ventura Oil Seep Response

By Kylie Clatterbuck, Los Angeles Wildlife Center Manager Late last month International Bird Rescue received the news that our friends at Santa Barbara Wildlife (SBW) were seeing an unusually large number of beached oiled birds along the coast near Ventura Harbor.  Oiled birds can be a common occurrence this time of year due to the … Read more