Good Things Come in Threes, and We’ve Got Two Sets of Killdeer Triplets!

Three orphaned Killdeer chicks over the course of six days, they have already doubled in weight and continue to grow stronger each day. They were rescued from Project Wildlife in San Diego, CA and transferred to Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Wildlife Center.

Killdeer eggs to be incubated at the San Francisco Bay-Delta wildlife center.

Meanwhile at the San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center, three abandoned Killdeer eggs that were found in a parking lot are now safe and sound under the supervision of our staff and volunteers.

This Earth Day, we’re nurturing nature. The number of patients between our two clinics has increased by 48% since last week, and our team is working hard to provide food, housing, and supportive care for the influx of young chicks. Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility, and your support will go a long way towards giving every chick a second chance at life.

Browse the online wishlists that will deliver items directly to the centers. The Los Angeles Wildlife Center has listed items on Chewy, and the San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center has listed items on Amazon.