Meet The Staff: Hunter Sapienza

Hunter feeding a rescued baby skunk at his old position at California Wildlife Center (CWC).

Please join us in welcoming our new Wildlife Rehabilitation Technician, Hunter Sapienza! Hunter discovered his passion for wildlife rehabilitation while working as a technician at California Wildlife Center (CWC) in Southern California.

He loves the hands-on aspect of wildlife veterinary work and the daily problem solving that it takes to move our patients towards release. Through CWC, he learned about Bird Rescue and was excited to be hired on as a part-time wildlife technician at the Los Angeles Wildlife Center – especially as he finds waterbirds to be some of the most fascinating species to work with.

Having primarily cared for non-bird species before Bird Rescue, he feels privileged to work with such knowledgeable staff and volunteers. “Every person that I get to work with brings such extensive past experience with wildlife to the table and I learn something new from them every day.”

Hunter also brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He recently completed a degree in Zoology from Oregon State University. Before pursuing his dream of working for endangered species protection, he taught middle school math in New York City as a Teach For America corps member while completing a M.A. in teaching secondary mathematics.

As far as favorite birds go, Ruddy Ducks have stolen his heart! Specifically the males, because “who could possibly resist those white cheeks and gorgeous blue bills?” We agree.

Outside of work he enjoys spending as much time outside as possible with his partner and two dogs, whether by hiking, running, birdwatching, exploring new parks, biking, or traveling.

Ruddy Ducks have stolen Hunter Sapienza’s heart.