More Pelicans Arrive at IBRRC due to Southern California Storms

International Bird Rescue Research Center continues to receive more cold, wet pelicans affected by the recent storms in Southern California. As of 7pm on Friday evening we now have 60 brown pelicans at our Los Angeles Center and a further 20 on their way to our San Francisco Bay center from Santa Barbara.

California Wildlife Center and Peter Wallerstein are helping to coordinate rescues around Santa Monica Bay and stabilize birds before they arrive at our seabird rescue center in San Pedro. The reports from the field indicate that there are more hypothermic birds to be caught so we are preparing for more arrivals over the coming days.

IBRRC Director, Jay Holcomb, arrives in LA this evening to assist with coordination of this escalating situation and we hope to get the washroom fully operational tomorrow.

Remember that we can’t save these pelicans without your help.

We will keep you posted.

See the CBS2/KCAL 9 video story