Oiled Golden Eagle Washed Successfully at Northern California Center

An oiled Golden Eagle is washed at Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center. Photos: International Bird Rescue
Examining the oiled Golden Eagle.

A heavily oiled Golden Eagle is resting comfortably after an emergency weekend wash at International Bird Rescue.

The immature female eagle arrived at the San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center on Saturday afternoon, December 16, 2023 in need of a wash. Wildlife Center Manager and experienced responder Kelly Beffa RVT was called in to join members of Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) in washing the oiled eagle. Because of the depth of Kelly’s experience with a variety of species, she was well-equipped to handle and care for this unusual oiled species.

The eagle was rescued in Visalia, CA. Details so far are sparse, but the eagle was oiled down to the skin and, other than being slightly thin, appears to be in good condition. The teams from California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Office of Spill Prevention & Response and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are assessing the source of the oiling. Thanks to the California Raptor Center at UC Davis for also helping.

At Bird Rescue, we have the knowledge and skill to compassionately care for contaminated animals with human safety as our top priority. Our work caring for animals affected by these unfortunate events helps maintain our skills and advances our expertise in treating animals when larger oiling events occur.

Sam Christie, left, from Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) carries the Golden Eagle after the bird was washed. The wash was successful. Photos: Kelly Beffa–International Bird Rescue