Patient of the week: Great Blue Heron

GBHE B96-1-L
Amanda Lewis examining heron, photo by Kelly Berry

Our patient of the week is this Great Blue Heron, found in Culver City, CA unable to fly. GHBEThe bird was brought to us by our colleagues at California Wildlife Center.

During intake, the heron was found to have extensive bruising around the keel area, and X-rays showed that the bird had a keel fracture. But we’re pleased to report that it’s eating and that its fracture appears to be healing, rehabilitation technician Kelly Berry reports.

We care for a number of Great Blue Herons each year at both our centers in California. Last year, we treated a heron covered from beak to tail in thin oil after it was found at a Southern California refinery. What’s more, the petroleum had burned over one-quarter of the bird’s body.

After months of supportive care and multiple surgical procedures, we were thrilled to return this animal back to local wetlands. Click here to read its story.

GBHE B96-2
Photo by Kelly Berry