Temporary Berkeley bird rescue center closes

The makeshift bird rescue center at the Berkeley Marina setup days after the San Francisco Bay oil spill was closed on Monday.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) moved all the operations to the International Bird Rescue and Research Center (IBRRC) in Cordelia.

Hundreds of oiled birds were collected and stabilized at the temporary rescue center after the Cosco Busan crashed into the Bay Bridge on November 7th. The container ship spilled 58,000 gallons of bunker fuel into the bay.

The rescued birds were driven some 35 miles to the Cordelia center for treatment. That oiled wildlife center is 10,000 square feet and features state-of-the-art petroleum wash bays and pools to help rehabilitate birds. It opened in 2001 and is co-managed by IBRRC and OWCN.

You can still report an oiled bird sighting: 415-701-2311

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