Top Ten Posts of 2011

2011 was a very full year for International Bird Rescue. Aquatic birds in need kept both our Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Wildlife Centers busy and bustling, two long-term oil spill responses brought us to Montana and New Zealand, and we participated in more spill drills than ever before.

We conducted oiled wildlife trainings in Alaska and the Republic of Georgia, and presented our work at a variety of conferences including the National Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association (NWRA) Conference, the International Oil Spill Conference, Clean Gulf and the Santos Oil & Gas Expo in Brazil, to name but a few.

In the midst of caring for thousands of birds, we introduced our new website, streamlined our name, and ushered in new leadership positions with Jay Holcomb as Director Emeritus and Paul Kelway as Executive Director.

Photo by Marie Travers – International Bird Rescue

Highlights of International Bird Rescue’s past year are commemorated in our Top Ten Posts of 2011, below. Stay tuned, as 2012 is sure to bring even more exciting challenges in seabird and aquatic bird rescue and rehabilitation.

Top Ten Posts of 2011

1. MV Rena Spill: International Bird Rescue Assisting with New Zealand’s Worst Environmental Disaster in Decades

2. For 40 Years, Every Bird Has Mattered

3. California’s Brown Pelican Injuries Now at Record High Numbers

4. Yellowstone River Spill – A Last Look

5. New year, new roles for IBRRC leaders

6. Celebrating Jay Holcomb, Our Ocean Hero

7. Raising the Profile of Oiled Wildlife Response in Brazil

8. HBO’s Saving Pelican 895 Wins Best Documentary

9. Gulf Spill Pelicans Spotted Nesting in Georgia

10. Natural Seep Oiled Birds Continue to Flood IBRRC