Update: Effects of Oil on Wildlife (EOW) conference

At this week’s 10th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife (EOW) conference in Tallin, Estonia, Tri-state Bird Rescue Research Inc. and the International Bird Rescue Research Center were both honored for their leadership and vision in maintaining this important conference.

Pictured: Heidi Stout, Tri-state (right) and Jay Holcomb, IBRRC each accepted a beautiful statue acknowledging their leadership in the field. The statue has a bronze statue of Vana Toomas, the symbol of Tallin, Estonia.

The Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference (EOW) is jointly managed by Tri-State and IBRRC. Since the first conference in 1982 the conference has since gained international recognition as the premier and only oiled wildlife response conference who’s purpose is to encourage collaborative efforts focused on the care and conservation of oiled wildlife and their habitats.

There is now a worldwide understanding and recognition of the problems connected to the oiling of wildlife and increasingly governments and responsible industries have included oiled wildlife response as a fully integrated activity in their oil spill contingency plans. In addition, a truly global community of oiled wildlife responders has come forth from this series of conferences and have developed a shared understanding of standards of good practice which are increasingly recognized and applied all over the world.

Many of the participants attending the conference were also international interns who have spent time at IBRRC’s California centers learning first hand techniques and building support that can help them work with oiled animals anywhere on the globe.

The talks given are summarized on this EOW Abstracts page