“Washing slimed eagles cleanses soul”

There’s a terrific column by Elise Patkotak in the Anchorage Daily News this week on volunteering to help with the 30 Bald Eagles treated at IBRRC and Bird TLC’s Alaska Center:

“…So far, all the eagles that came to Bird TLC survived not only the slime dive but also the bathing and spraying and blow drying and tube feeding required to get them back on their feet and ready to go out into the wild again, cleaner and hopefully a lot wiser. Though we aren’t holding out a lot of hope on the wiser part. Did I mention they were almost all guys? One can only hope they’ve learned there is no such thing as a free lunch. Unless, of course, you’re at Bird TLC.

Long after these eagles are in their aeries telling their kids about the weird experience they once had when aliens abducted them, probed them, fed them and then freed them, the volunteers who are responsible for the success of this bedraggled group will still be at Bird TLC doing what they do routinely week after week, with or without the glare of the media. They will be cleaning mews, treating sick birds, fixing meals — generally doing their part to help Alaska’s wildlife. More important, doing their part to make this world a little bit kinder and a little bit gentler for all living creatures in it.

It’s what volunteers do. They feed the spiritual life of this nation and make America a great place to live. Don’t believe me? I’ve got a bunch of eagles you can talk to that will back me up 100 percent.”

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Multimedia story from Anchorage Daily News