New Bird Rescue Team Members

The Bird Rescue family has been growing over the past quarter and we want to introduce you to some of the newest faces on our team:

JessieAnne Alcala – Executive Assistant

JessieAnne Acala

Originally from California, JessieAnne spent most of her childhood in Alaska before returning to Northern California to pursue a degree in Political Science. Her focus was on race, social movements, climate change, and how those topics intersect. After graduation, she spent some time working in event management. She developed a passion for non-profit work after working events with a number of NPOs and ultimately found her way to Bird Rescue. JessieAnne is excited about the opportunity to marry her passion for non-profit work with her professional drive and experience juggling multiple tasks during events here at Bird Rescue.

JessieAnne’s favorite birds are those in the Corvidae family. She says “Corvids are so incredibly smart that some studies have deemed them some of the smartest, non-mammal, animals in the world. Some have been observed with the ability to make tools, solve puzzles, and pass on that knowledge to others. Some can remember individuals and warn others if that individual means danger. The whole lot of them are just so cool to me.”

When not at work, JessieAnne enjoys going camping, canoeing, hiking and swimming with her fiancé and dog Milo. She also enjoys art and always has a project or two that she’s working on.

Mackenzie Preble – Wildlife Rehabilitation Technician

Mackenzie Preble

Mackenzie is a California native who received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Science in Marine Science from Hawaii Pacific University. She comes to us with a wealth of experience gained from working and volunteering for organizations like the Aquarium of the Pacific, Marine Mammal Care Center, Los Angeles, and the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.

Wildlife Rehabilitation has been a life-long passion of Mackenzie’s. She is excited to join Bird Rescue to gain experience caring for waterbirds. Her favorite bird to work with so far is the Western Grebe due to how vocal they are.

When not rescuing waterbirds, Mackenzie enjoys watching movies with friends, collecting records, and visiting national parks.

Kylie Foldvary – Volunteer, Education & Outreach Coordinator,
Los Angeles

Kylie Foldvary

After graduating with a degree in Zoology from San Francisco State University, Kylie returned to her hometown of Los Angeles to work at the LA Zoo as a Program Instructor. She gained valuable experience educating visitors and fostering greater appreciation among adults and kids alike.

Kylie first heard of Bird Rescue during a college ornithology class and has wanted to be involved with the organization ever since. Flash forward, Kylie feels warmly welcomed to her new position at the Los Angeles wildlife clinic in San Pedro. She is thrilled to meet volunteers and staff members who share her passion for bird rehabilitation. Some of her favorite birds are cormorants, penguins, and turacos, though these are subject to change depending on the day.

When she is not helping connect and educate the community, Kylie enjoys roller skating, attending drag shows, and hanging out with her new pitbull puppy. We look forward to celebrating Kylie’s contributions and accomplishments as a Bird Rescue team member!

Molly Takacs – Bookkeeper / Data Entry Assistant

Molly Takacs

Originally from Lafayette,CA and now residing in Crockett, CA, Molly joins our administrative team with 22 years of experience managing a local quilt store, handling everything from in-person to online operations. She found her way to Bird Rescue after seeing documentaries of birds being rescued from oil spills and deciding to become a part of an organization that was doing good in the world. So far she has enjoyed getting to know her new teammates and getting to see the releases of rehabilitated birds. Molly has a special place in her heart for pelicans.

When not at work, Molly enjoys going sailing with her husband in their flat-bottom sailboat and seeing all the ducks and pelicans while out on the water.