A Northern Fulmar recovers from clavicle fracture

NOFUWe very rarely receive Northern Fulmars with fractures. A recent exception is this bird found stranded at the Monterey Beach Hotel on December 20. He was transferred to our San Francisco Bay center from our colleagues at Monterey SPCA on December 23.

We found the bird to have a fractured clavicle and several toe injuries. The clavicle fracture has since healed nicely, and we are currently treating the foot problems while he packs on the calories out in one of our pools.

This bird arrived extremely emaciated but has gained a lot of weight while in care. Below are X-rays of his broken clavicle and the bird waking up after anesthesia for foot treatment.

NOFU-Dr Duerr copy
Fulmar photo by Dr. Rebecca Duerr