A Local Boy Scout’s Ambitious Project for the Pelicans

Christopher Borrayo-Cruz of Orange County Council’s Troop #1149. Photo by Jenny Nguyen.

A few months ago, Christopher Borrayo-Cruz, a local Boy Scout in Troop #1149 of Anaheim, approached us with a simple goal: He wanted to help out animals in need.

And we were immediately thrilled with his enthusiasm. So International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center staff worked with Borrayo-Cruz to channel his energy into an ambitious Eagle Scout Project: building a series of innovative pelican drying pens for oiled birds.

With the help of family, friends, and fellow scouts in Troops #1149 and #270, Borrayo-Cruz constructed many of these drying pens, and as you can see from the photos, the project’s standards were extremely high. These are first-rate pens of professional quality. What’s more, Borrayo-Cruz solicited an extensive network of area businesses and organizations to donate all materials needed for their construction.

Here’s the backstory on the project:

The idea

Borrayo-Cruz: For my Eagle project, I wanted to build habitats for rescued animals. So I went on the computer and started researching places on Google that could support that idea. I came across International Bird Rescue’s website and called them up.

The project took a long time, one to two-and-a-half months. … We had to find supplies that would actually hold up. I didn’t want to just build the center pens and not be able to use them for a very long time.

Delivery day for the pens at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center in San Pedro. Photo by Jenny Nguyen.

The support

The companies I asked to help out with donations are: Home Depot, West Marine, Loews, Hillco Fastener Warehouse, Christensen Net Works, Ganahl Lumber, Orange Coast Hardware & Lumber, Caster Technology Corporation, A-1 Foam & Fabrics, Mr. & Mrs. T.C. Chen, and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Borrayo-Cruz with International Bird Rescue rehabilitation technician Marianne Dominguez. Photo by Jenny Nguyen.

The final product

I’m proud of the whole project — the pens turned out fantastic, and it was awesome just to see the whole center really stoked when I delivered them. They were like little kids on Christmas morning. I learned a bunch about the birds, and how the world would be affected if the center weren’t there. A lot of the birds would be gone. I wish more people knew about the center so they would be aware and could help out as well.

Members of Orange County Council’s Troop #1149 tour International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center. Photo by Jenny Nguyen.

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