Array of pelicans in care this week

American White Pelican#14-0358 in care at SF Bay Center
Photo by Cheryl Reynolds

While Pink has garnered national attention in recent days due to a particularly heartbreaking cruelty incident, International Bird Rescue’s California centers have been caring for many other pelican patients as well. Here are a few snapshots:

American White Pelican (above): This beautiful bird arrived at our San Francisco Bay center on April 19 from Wildlife Rescue of Silicon Valley, having been found in Morgan Hill, CA unable to fly. Our team observed several wounds of unknown cause, including one on the animal’s upper left chest.

The bird is scheduled to undergo surgery soon for a suspected abscess. Currently this pelican is in our pelican aviary and is flighted. As you can see, the bird also is in breeding condition, with a large “horn” protruding from its upper mandible.

Photo by Julie Skoglund

Oiled Brown Pelican: Over the past month, our Los Angeles center has received two fully oiled pelicans found on Southern California beaches. The first one was 100% oiled by a contaminant with the consistency of motor oil (click here for the previous post on this pelican). The second oiled animal can be seen above in a photo prior to the wash.

Photo by Kelly Berry

Hatch-Year Brown Pelican: Both our centers typically receive large numbers of young pelicans, many found thin, dehydrated and wandering in heavily urban areas. The first such “hatch-year” bird arrived on Saturday to our Los Angeles center, having been found at the Long Beach Aquarium. The patient was both dehydrated and anemic upon arrival, though despite her condition, she began to self-feed right away.

All of these birds are available for a Pelican Partner adoption. Find out more about this unique program here.