Call for Photos of Birds in Trouble

Loon contaminated with oil lies on the beach in need of rescue. Photo: International Bird Rescue archives

Spotting a loon on the beach may captivate onlookers, but they are not always aware that their presence ashore can be an indication of injury, illness, or contamination. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the different signs a bird needs help. Distinguishing between natural behavior and signals of distress in birds requires an understanding of their habits. The awareness is crucial for ensuring their well-being in their natural habitats.

Bird Rescue is collecting photos to support our wildlife education program. Right now, we are requesting photos showing signs a bird needs help.

Osprey sighted with fishing line hanging from its mouth. Photo: International Bird Rescue archives

These types of photos might include:

  • Pelagic birds that are oiled or beached
  • Birds with fishing line entanglements
  • Birds allowing people to approach too closely
  • Birds affected by disease

Please note – do not create any unsafe situations for yourself or the birds to get these photos. If you see a bird in crisis, please reach out to your local wildlife rescue to get that bird the help that it needs.

These images will be used to help teach the general public how to recognize when a bird is in need of help and include tips on what to do when they come across these situations.

Do you have photos that might help us educate the public? Please submit your images through our form.

Brown Pelican stands close to people fishing on a pier in hopes for a hand-out. Photo by Katrina Plummer