Resilience Rewarded: Black-Crowned Night-Heron Wins 2023 Patient of the Year

The prestigious Patient of the Year award goes to none other than the elegant and resilient Black-crowned Night-Heron!

After surviving and fully recovering from life-threatening injuries caused by fishing line entanglement and a BB-gunshot wound in the heart, this bird has truly exemplified what it means to be a worthy recipient of the Patient of the Year award.

Out of 244 votes, the competition was close, with the heron and Western Grebe chicks neck and neck in the voting. In the end, the heron gracefully soared to victory. The heron’s win is not only a testament to its own determined spirit but also a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts and our collective responsibility to protect and preserve birds in a changing world.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the heron and express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to its rehabilitation journey. Let this award inspire us to continue our commitment to wildlife conservation and make our world a safer and more nurturing place for all living beings.

This patient was just one of 2,566 birds treated at Bird Rescue 2023. If this story inspires you to take action, and help other birds get a second chance, please join us: Make a donation today to help us continue to rescue waterbirds in crisis and create more success stories like this one!