New Oiled Birds Tied To Old Sunken Ship Still Leaking Off San Francisco

Oiled seabirds recently cared for by International Bird Rescue have been conclusively traced back to a leaking cargo ship that sunk off the coast of California more than 60 years ago. Since December of 2015, Bird Rescue’s wildlife center in Fairfield has cared for nine oiled birds including a Pacific Loon, Red-necked Grebe, Western Grebe, … Read more

Patient of the Week: Red-necked Grebe

An oiled Red-necked Grebe is our patient of the week. This grebe whose temporary tag was “Red-33” came into the center with oil contamination on December 18, 2015. He was stabilized, washed, then treated for foot injuries likely caused by beaching when the oil removed his waterproofing. After nearly 2 months in care, he was … Read more

2015 – Refugio Pipeline Spill

Ray of Hope In A Sea Of Dread: Washed, Clean Brown Pelicans in Outdoor Aviary   Two weeks after oiled seabirds from the Refugio Oil Incident began arriving into our San Pedro Center, many have been washed and are now recuperating in two large outside bird aviaries. Most of the birds in care are California … Read more

Postcard from Brazil: Celebrating Aiuká’s new (and stunning) oiled wildlife rehabilitation center

Magellanic Penguin via Wikimedia Commons If you had followed around the late International Bird Rescue executive director Jay Holcomb long enough, chances were you would’ve meet some fabulous friends and colleagues from around the globe. A legend in the world of saving animals harmed by oil spills, Jay was always eager to share his decades … Read more