Photographers in Focus: Rory Merry

In this latest Photographers in Focus feature, we are delighted to highlight photographer Rory Merry from Pacific Grove, California. Rory’s work came to our attention after we saw his dramatic photo of a Margo Pellegrino, who was visiting the area from New Jersey, as she waded into the Monterey Bay surf to rescue a stricken … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Alan Murphy

We stumbled upon Alan Murphy’s gorgeous bird photos by accident this month while looking online at Common Loon [Gavia immer] images. September is that special month when we celebrate a group of waterbirds that excels at beauty and wonderful parenting skills. What attracted us to Murphy’s photos is that he captures these waterbirds with such … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Ingrid Taylar

We would like to welcome you back – after a hiatus – to the Photographers in Focus feature. It’s International Bird Rescue’s tribute to wildlife photographers who inspire our passion for aquatic bird rehabilitation. This time around, we are pleased to showcase the work of Ingrid Taylar, a San Francisco Bay Area nature photographer. We … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Karen Schuenemann

Black-crowned Night Heron, all images © Karen Schuenemann, Of all the images we’ve seen of the Black-crowned Night Heron this summer — and there have been many — this photo of a solitary juvenile bird by photographer Karen Schuenemann is one of our favorites. Our latest featured photographer, Schuenemann is an avid birder and … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Sara Silver

Mom and little one, Shollenberger Park. All images © Sara Silver We first spotted photographer Sara Silver’s work when purusing photos of egrets raised by International Bird Rescue that have been released at Laguna de Santa Rosa in Northern California. Every year, colonies of Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets and Black-crowned Night Herons have made the … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Bill Steinkamp

Baby American Coot at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center. All photos © Bill Steinkamp. Here at International Bird Rescue, we’re very fortunate to have a deep bench of bird lovers who also happen to be great photographers. One of these team members is Bill Steinkamp, who photographs birds in care weekly at our Los … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Graham McGeorge

Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio). 2013 National Geographic Traveler Contest Merit Winner. All images © Graham McGeorge. Of the dozens of avian entries in this year’s National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, perhaps the most striking to date is this portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl in glorious camouflage by Graham McGeorge, a self-described “plumber with a … Read more

Photographers in Focus: Kim Taylor

Tree Swallow, Belle Haven Park and Marina, Alexandria, Va. All images © Kim Taylor. Twitter has proved to be quite the matchmaker for our Photographers in Focus series. We recently came across the work of new follower @ktaylorphotos, aka Kim Taylor, who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and has an eye for the … Read more